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Morrissey Magic - Twin Phantom

Product Description

The magician clearly shows that a large tube is empty. First by showing both ends of the tube to the audience. Then the tube is divided into two sections and both sections are shown empty. You can even pass your wand through the tube or pour water through the tube. The two sections are placed together and the performer produces silks from both ends of the tube. A vast improvement over the standard phantom tube.

The twin phantom is not limited to the production of silks. The production of two bouquets of Spring flowers make a great finale. Or – flags, candy, rope, ribbon, sponge products, spring bills, etc.

*Original Morrissey description. 

Product Detail

The tube is large 12 inches long 31/2 inches diameter. Manufactured in spun aluminium. Buffed, polished and lacquered. We supply the twin phantom with instructions for the standard handling plus two variations by Fantasio. No silks supplied.

**We Ship Worldwide**

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