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Morrissey Magic - The Floating Ball A La Zombie

Product Description

A sparkling, highly polished metal ball rests upon a pedestal on the magicians table. Magician covers the ball with a foulard. The ball immediately starts to rise into the air carrying the foulard with it. The ball is seen to move slowly under the foulard and eventually floats up into full view and rests on the edge of the foulard. Again it returns under the foulard and floats back to the pedestal.

*Original Morrissey description. 

The Floating Ball

Product Detail

Manufactured in lightweight aluminum, highly polished. Supplied complete with the zombie ball, pedestal, gimmick and instructions. Use any opaque foulard.

The Zombie ball comes in three sizes and two colors. Sizes available include: Small (3 1/2 inches diameter), Medium (4 1/4 inches diameter), Large (5 inches)

**We Ship Worldwide**

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