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Morrisseys Magic - The Dove Pan

Product Description

Magician shows pan empty, he breaks an egg into the pan, adds salt, pepper and “vinegar” (it’s really lighter fluid).

A match is dropped into the pan and it is seen to burst into flames. The cover is now placed in position to put out the flames. The cover is removed and the pan is seen to contain a dove, small animal, pop corn, candy, rubber chicken or a cake that fills the pan. The load you produce is the size of the pan. Many other routines are possible with the Dove Pan.

*Original Morrissey description. 

Dove Pan

Product Detail

Manufactured in aluminum or copper, highly polished, rests on three rubber ball like supports. Lightweight but sturdy. Quick action Release.

Other Versions available: Double load dove pan in copper or aluminum.

**We Ship Worldwide**

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