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Morrissey Magic - Rosini Card Transposition

Product Description

Performer displays a brass tray, a deck of cards and a corduroy draw string bag. A volunteer from the audience is handed the deck of cards and asked to count ten of them onto the brass tray. Cards are dropped into the bag, which is closed and handed to the assistant for safe keeping. A second spectator is called upon. He in turn, counts a second group of ten cards onto the tray. Three of these cards are noted by the spectator. He is now handed the ten cards and requested to hold them between the palm of his hands.

Remember: First spectator holds the bag with ten cards inside. Second spectator holds his cards between his hands, three of which he has noted.

Now – dramatically, performer commands the three noted cards to pass from between spectator’s hands into the bag held by the other spectator. One…two…three..Go!!

The second spectator counts his cards and finds only seven. The three noted cards are missing!! The first spectator, still holding the bag, opens it, counts the cards. He now has Thirteen cards, including the three noted cards.

As everything is in the spectator’s hands, there is apparently no possible explanation…but there is one…and it is so simple!!

*Original Morrissey description. 

Card Transposition

Product Detail

Tray is manufactured in heavy brass, polished and lacquered. Morrissey considers this apparatus to be one of the finest props ever offered to the working magician. Many hours of trial and error went into the production of this outstanding effect. But it was well worth it and we are proud to label this a “Morrissey Product”.

Product includes brass tray, special cards and instructions. You will also need an ordinary deck of Aviator cards.

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