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Morrissey Cups

Product Description

Twenty five years ago when Morrissey Magic began manufacturing quality metal products for magicians, this was our first effort. We were proud of them then, we are proud of them now. You will be proud to own and perform with Morrissey cups.

The ideal set of cups for your favourite cups and balls routine. Morrissey cups are used by more amateur and professional close up magicians than any other cup on the market. Magicians all over the world use Morrissey cups. The unique design allows you to perform many moves that are not possible with other designs including the slide move, reverse slide and the tip mover.

*Original Morrissey description. 

Morrissey Cups

Product Detail

Spun in aluminum or copper, beautifully polished and lacquered. Attractive design, beautiful finish.

Available in large or mini sizes, copper or aluminum.

**We Ship Worldwide**

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