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Morrissey Magic - Chop Cups and Balls Combination

Product Description

Morrissey Magic introduced this apparatus to the magic fraternity in 1968.

Widely acclaimed by magicians as a revolutionary breakthrough in Cup & Ball manipulation. We have combined two great close-up classics. The Chop chop cup and the immortal cups and balls and we came up with the chop cup and balls – combination.

Now you can perform a smooth flowing routine featuring your best chop cup moves combined with your favourite cups and balls sleights.

*Original Morrissey description. 

Chop Cups and Balls

Product Detail

3 spun metal cups, highly polished.
One of the cups is gimmicked, similar to the chop chop cup.
4 hand knit crocheted balls. One of the balls is gimmicked.
A draw String carrying bag.

Detailed instructions for an outstanding routine written by Chris Mortika.

Available in aluminium, copper large or mini size.

**We Ship Worldwide**

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