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Morrissey Magic - Card Tripod

Product Description

A classical prop, beautifully made to enhance any close-up presentation.

A miniature table and cover are shown. A card is selected by a spectator. The card is torn into six pieces, a corner of the card is retained by the spectator. The remaining pieces are placed on the small copper table. The cover is placed over the table, instantly removed, and —-miraculously – the selected card is now restored, except for the missing corner, which is held by the spectator. The piece held by the spectator fits the selected card perfectly. A true close up miracle.  

The card tripod may be held by the spectator during the performance.

*Original Morrissey description. 

The Morrissey Card Tripod - Original Image

Product Detail

Manufactured in heavy copper. Precision made, polished and lacquered.

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