Herb Morrissey

In 1959 Herb Morrissey started a magic brand in a small basement just outside Montreal, revolving around a single concept – cups and balls.

Herb not only mastered cups and balls, he made the Morrissey name synonymous with cups and balls. Developing a world famous product, “Morrissey Cups and Balls”.

Global Recognition

Morrissey magic dominated the Canadian magic scene. Building a reputation for creativity meets meticulous attention to detail, Herb continued to evolve new interpretations of the cups and balls tricks, with the now infamous cup and balls chop combination.

As interest intensified Morrissey magic expanded beyond cups and balls into a wide range of magical effects, achieving global recognition.

Limited Stock

In 2013 Morrissey magic closed the shop doors, these classic tricks continue to be highly sought after within the magic community.

In the 1960s Supreme supported the distribution of Morrissey magic across the world.

We are now releasing the limited Morrissey stock remaining in Supreme, for purchase.

As we start to re-open the doors to the magical past, paying homage to this magical maestro.

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