The Supreme Legacy

By the 1960s Edwin Hoopers’ Supreme had become the single biggest influencer, innovator and manufacturer of magic in the world. Over 75% of tricks were exported worldwide to thousands of international magicians.

Each release of the Supreme Catalogue would shape and dictate magical trends throughout the years, carving the Supreme label into magical history as a pivotal creator and producer.

We acquired Supreme in the 90s as Magic Supreme.

We will not be manufacturing – only a limited number of vintage Supreme tricks and unmanufactured prototypes remain.


Influencer on Global Magic


Years of heritage


Magical Effects


Plus - Magicians Supplied

Our First Release

The first Supreme collection we are releasing focuses on the Morrissey Magic label. Founded by Herb Morrissey in 1959 the products capture vintage innovation, playful technique and a timeless spin on trick execution. The famous “Morrissey Cups” are recognised worldwide, representing master Canadian craftmanship and a piece of magic history.

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Hall of Fame - Testimonials

A few of the internationally acclaimed magicians supplied by Supreme, comments were left in the visitors book at the original Supreme store.